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There is an easier way to maximize your Dentrix software

Novonee was created with the idea of bringing Dentrix user meetings and a community of Dentrix users together to:

  • Spend one lunch hour per month learning Dentrix at a deeper level and how to maximize its power for your practice
  • Tackle the topics you experience every day in a safe and secure online environment
  • Become seasoned Dentrix Super Users

Through monthly Webinars and a community where you can both ask questions and share ideas and challenges with users from around the country, you’re no longer fighting your battles alone.  BONUS - there are several members who are also Dentrix trainers.

"We have all worked in a dental practice, so we understand your questions and how these issues affect your happiness. Think about how amazing life could be if your software didn’t slow you down."

Dayna Johnson, Founder of Novonee - The Premier Dentrix Online Community

"From clinician to an admin role in the practice, Novonee has given me peace of mind knowing a helpful resource is just a click away." 

Tracy - Novonee Member & Super User

You're Going to LOVE Novonee's Powerful Features

  • 4-6 Webinars per month containing content from Dentrix trainers and other industry experts
  • Downloadable materials to help aid in implementing the presented material in your practice
  • Work with Dentrix experts and other dental professionals ready to answer your questions
  • Share your experience with other dental professionals from across the country
  • Network with other Dentrix users in your state or within your own practice or specialty 
  • Post your own helpful tools and materials that have made a difference in your team
  • Share your time saving tips

Raise the bar on your team's Dentrix knowledge?

Create a more stress-free work environment?

Break through your production plateau?

Learn and network with other passionate professionals?

If the answer is "YES" then it's time to join the Premier Dentrix Online Community!

Are you ready to....

Your entire dental team, including doctors, will learn how to streamline systems, create more efficiency and reduce stress in your practice. 

How? By taking advantage of the educational webinars, ask your specific questions in the online forum, and by networking with other Novonee Super Users within the community.

It's time to find out for yourself what Nonovee can do for you and your team!

Still Not Sure If The Benefits of Novonee Are Right For You?

The Novonee Story

Watch the video to learn Dayna's story and why she created this powerful online community for passionate dental professionals who want to uplevel their game in Dentrix.

Are you on track to become a Super User?

Dayna Johnson, Founder of Novonee

What do Novonee members love about their online community?

"When I have a problem within Dentrix that I just can't figure out, I usually will post a question in the forum and Dayna will problem solve with me and other members will share their thoughts on it too." ~ Bonnie, Novonee Member

"I really wanted my team, myself included, to utilize our practice management software in the most efficient way possible.  We all attend the recorded webinars and use them as a springboard for our team meetings" ~ Tracy, Novonee Member

"I love the fast & easy access to information. We can’t ask Dentrix support questions if we don’t have good information to start with." ~ Denise, Novonee Member

Become Novonee's newest member TODAY!

Take the next step in maximizing your practice's Dentrix software by becoming a member.  Your whole team will benefit from the rich material, Dentrix experts, and strong community.


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